Photos of El Salvador

Enjoy the pictures of turtles from El Salvador.


After laying the second egg.

(Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima incisa)

October 2nd, 2013 – 17:04:57 hours.

After the turtle layed itīs second egg, I expected some more eggs. On the other hand I was surprised by the big size of the eggs. Instead of laying more eggs, the turtle began to fill the hole in a similar way as it openend it. It did not change itīs position and moved the soil from outside into the hole. Everything seemed to be working automatically. The turtle could not see what it did with the rear legs, but somehow it filled the hole up so that it looked nearly as it was before. I could not wait till the turtle finished. The next day I found the place in such a condition that I had difficulties to distinguish the location where the eggs were burried. But I got worried, when I found some relicts of turtle egg shells. After checking it thoroughly, I was convinced that the shells were left over in the soil from those baby turtles that live now in this small part of the garden. The turtle mother digged it probably out, when it opened the hole for the new eggs. That means, at least this turtle used the same place repeatedly for laying eggs.

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